Adria Underbust Latex Corset

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The Adria underbust will take your waist right in by up to 4 inches. Adria is fully double boned with spiral steel boning, and has a strong waist tape. 4 inches is the standard for waist reduction but reduction can be greater for those who are waist trained. Adria laces at the back and has a busk closure at the front, as well as a modesty panel (please state if you do not want one of these).

All of our corsets are made to measure; we will take multiple measurements from you to ensure the correct fit, including length of the corset. A correctly fitting corset is not only more comfortable, but better for your body.

Shown in black on white with the Adria longline bra and skirt. Certain colours may cost more than others.

Photo: Josefien Hoekstra
Model: Dani Divine
Makeup: Ashley Design
Assistant: Rohan Nagel