About Us


Dark Virtue Designs first came about in late 2010 when Maja was venturing out into the world of modelling. How it happened? She saw a sublime photo of Ulorin Vex modelling a stunning latex dress and just had to get her hands on her own. With latex clothing being out of her price range, Maja invested £600 in some latex sheeting to make her own pieces. By 2011, people were asking where she had got her garments from and, to her surprise, people were wanting to buy her pieces. Burning Violet, Maja's first latex brand was born.

Between 2011 and 2014, Maja was undecided on the direction of the brand, for a while dabbling with tying her name to the brand. In the end, she went with "Dark Virtue Designs". She took a break from designing in 2016 in order to complete her Masters degree in Philosophy, but returned in 2016 to continue her vision.

Maja has a home studio in Norwich, UK, with almost all orders being completed in house by herself, helped by. As Dark Virtue Designs slowly expands, she's hoping to bring another person into the studio to work alongside her creating beautiful garments for her customers.