Siren Latex Underwired Boned Bra

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The 'Siren' bra is a high quality underwired bra, featuring light boning to offer maximum support for any breast shape or size and complementing both natural and enhanced breasts. The design of the bra allows the majority of the support to be constructed into the cups, putting less stress onto the straps (although the straps still provide support, and are thicker in larger sizes).

The bra fastens at the back with snap fasteners, and the straps are fully adjustable with sliders. The centre of the bra is also strengthened to ensure the shape you desire. For transparent colours, the strengthening is done under the trim section in order to maintain the beauty of the transparent latex, whilst having as much support as standard colours.

Available in a variety of colours. Shown in transparent lilac with black trim. Certain colours may cost more than others.

Model: Satoria
Photo: Christian Geschweng