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Latex Corset Belt (Steel Boned)

Latex Corset Belt (Steel Boned)

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This stunning corset belt offers shaping in addition to waist reduction. The corset belt is made from 7 panels of extra thick latex, and is fully boned with flat and spiral steel bones to ensure a flattering shape. The corset belt is more comfortable than a full corset, and so is perfect to be worn for events or long days/nights out. This stunning belt is the perfect addition to any outfit, latex or otherwise. It can also be worn under clothing if desired.

The main difference between this piece and a full corset is that it does not feature a waist tape (which makes for more comfortable wear for longer periods of time), and it fastens at the back with snap fasteners (zip available on request, but only recommended if someone else can zip it for you). This saves the time and effort that goes into lacing up a full corset, but does mean that the piece cannot offer quite as much reduction as a full corset can.

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