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Overbust Latex Corset

Overbust Latex Corset

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This overbust latex corset is a made to measure corset so will significantly reduce your waist. The piece is fully double boned with spiral and flat steel boning, and has a strong waist tape to cinch. The shape of the corset is 'cupped rib', which offers more comfort to the wearer, whilst maintaining a tiny waist. Each corset is made to your measurements, designed to fit your bust, waist, and hips perfectly.

The corset features:
- 12 panels made with extra thick latex
- Steel busk front closure with reinforcement
- Spiral steel bones on the sides, offering shape, flexibility, and comfort
- A lace up back, with optional modesty panel, reinforced with flat steel bones
- A high quality herringbone weave waist tape, to nip in the waist

4 inches is the standard for waist reduction but reduction can be greater for those who are waist trained. This corset laces at the back and has a busk closure at the front, as well as a modesty panel (please state when ordering if you would like a modesty panel).

A correctly fitting corset is not only more comfortable, but better for your body. You only need to provide your natural waist measurement, but for the best fit, these measurements are helpful to have:
- Bra size
- Bust
- Underbust
- Natural waist
- 10cm/4inches below waist
- Widest part of bum

- Desired amount of waist reduction
- Desired lacing gap space

Shown in black and in red. Certain colours may cost more than others.

Photos (red corset): Luci Alice
Model (red corset): Kataxenna Kova
Photos (black corset): Paul Artemis
Model (black corset): Domina Terra

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