Overbust Latex Corset

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This overbust latex corset is a made to measure corset so will significantly reduce your waist. The piece is fully double boned with spiral and flat steel boning, and has a strong waist tape to cinch. The shape of the corset is 'cupped rib', which offers more comfort to the wearer, whilst maintaining a tiny waist. Each corset is made to your measurements, designed to fit your bust, waist, and hips perfectly.

The corset features:
- 12 panels made with extra thick latex
- Steel busk front closure with reinforcement
- Spiral steel bones on the sides, offering shape, flexibility, and comfort
- A lace up back, with optional modesty panel, reinforced with flat steel bones
- A high quality herringbone weave waist tape, to nip in the waist

4 inches is the standard for waist reduction but reduction can be greater for those who are waist trained. This corset laces at the back and has a busk closure at the front, as well as a modesty panel (please state when ordering if you would like a modesty panel).

All of our corsets are made to measure; we will take multiple measurements from you to ensure the correct fit, including length of the corset. A correctly fitting corset is not only more comfortable, but better for your body.

Shown in black and in red. Certain colours may cost more than others.

Photos (red corset): Luci Alice
Model (red corset): Kataxenna Kova
Photos (black corset): Paul Artemis
Model (black corset): Domina Terra