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Zheani Waspie Corset - READY TO SHIP

Zheani Waspie Corset - READY TO SHIP

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Natural Waist Size

What sets our luxury latex waspie corsets apart from others is that it will significantly reduce your waist - by around 10cm/4inches as standard and more if you are waist trained. A well made corset wouldn't be complete without being durable and hardwearing - something we ensure by fully boning our corsets with both spiral and flat steel boning. This corset wouldn't be complete without its strong cotton waist tape, which is necessary for waist reduction in a latex corset. A waspie corset is a must-have addition to any latex-wearer's wardrobe, completing any outfit, and something you can wear time and time again, no matter the event or occasion.

Our one of a kind Zheani corset features:
- 10 panels made with extra thick latex
-Steel zip front closure with reinforcement, plus two additional larger flat steel bones at an angle to maintain flatness to the front
- Spiral steel bones on the sides, offering shape, flexibility, and comfort
- A lace up back reinforced with flat steel bones
- A high quality herringbone weave cotton waist tape

4 inches is the standard for waist reduction but reduction can be greater for those who are waist trained (made to measure recommended for greater reduction).

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